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Getting Married at Moreton

We would be delighted for you to have your wedding at St. Nicholas Moreton.

As a Church of England Church there are certain requirements there can be found at

But remember even if you don't meet these criteria you can always attend worship with us for six months to establish a qualifying connection to St. Nicholas. 

We have tried to answer some questions about getting married in Moreton below-


A Church Wedding?

For such a special day, you want a special place. A church is so much more than a wedding venue. God will be there with you to bless you - on the day and always. 

A Church Wedding is a spiritual, personal and beautiful ceremony. It's a time when people will pray for you, before, during and after the big day. You'll say ancient and amazing
vows that you can only make in a church.

A church connects you with your history and can become a part
of your future story too...

What If?

We have different faiths?
You're still welcome to talk to us about a church wedding but a church wedding is a Christian service and this cannot be changed.


One/Both of us are divorced?
It's likely you can still marry in church but you will need to talk to the vicar.


One/Both of us are Roman Catholic?
That's fine from the Church of England's point of view.


We want our own music?
That's fine too! A church wedding can be tailored to fit the couple getting married.

We aren't really religious?/Aren't Baptized?

You're still welcome to talk to us about a church wedding

We don't come to church?

You're still welcome to talk to us about a church wedding!

We don't live near by?

Is still possible- get in touch to find out more.

We don't have much money?
Church weddings can cost around £600... 


We can't get married in Church...


If you're unable to have a church wedding you still have the option of a marriage blessing.
For couples who marry abroad it means more friends and family can celebrate the marriage...
The Church of England calls this a Service of Prayer and Dedication, often called 'a blessing.'
The service is low cost and can be tailored to suit the couple. But this is still a beautiful service where friends and family are welcome.

Get in Touch

For more general information on
church weddings visit:
To speak to someone about
getting married here call or email:
Revd. Gemma Donnell
01305 852514

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