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Our church is unique for its engraved glass windows, the only example of entirely engraved glass that we know of!

The windows are all by Sir Laurence Whistler, who revived the art of glass engraving in the 20th century. 


St. Nicholas was bombed in 1940 which extensively damaged the church building. The windows were created as a part of the post-war refurbishment. There are 13 windows and they were installed between 1955 and 1985.

St. Nicholas Moreton has a further link to fame as 

Lawrence of Arabia (T E Lawrence) is buried in the  new churchyard.


Wikipedia has an entry on St Nicholas which may be of interest:,_Moreton









Trinity Chapel Window

Our Rector is Revd. Gemma Donnell. 

Gemma is always happy to hear from people. Contact her on 01305 852514, 07749 926531 or

Our LLM is Will Spackman.

Becki (Rebecca) Best is our safeguarding officer contact her via Tel: 0844 357 8888


Safeguarding Questions and Concerns

Moreton Church takes its responsibilities surrounding the safeguarding of children, young people, and adults who may be at risk very seriously, and works in partnership with the Diocese of Salisbury to ensure that we work in accordance with best practice at all times.

Our Parish Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded here  

If you have any Safeguarding questions or concerns you can contact the following:

Email:  Tel: 0844 357 8888

Diocesan Safeguarding Advisers:

Mon 9am – Wed 1pm Suzy Futcher  Email: Tel: 07500 664800

Wed 1pm – Fri 5pm Jem Carter Email:  Tel: 07469 857888

Out of Hours: ‘thirtyone:eight’   Tel: 0303 0031111

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