St Nicholas

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Visiting Hours: 9am to 6pm (4pm in Winter).  For details mail us on:  


St Nicholas Moreton is world famous for the engraved glass windows by Laurence Whistler and for the grave of Lawrence of Arabia in the cemetery.


The original dedication to St Magnus Martyr was changed to St. Nicholas in 1490. Bombing on 8 October 1940 extensively damaged the church. Created as part of the refurbishment following the war, the 13 engraved glass windows (1955-85) are by Sir Laurence Whistler, who revived glass engraving in the 20th century. Lawrence of Arabia (T E Lawrence) was buried in the churchyard following his funeral in the church.


Wikipedia has an entry on St Nicholas which may be of interest:,_Moreton


Visitng Hours: the church is open daily from 9am to 6pm (4pm in Winter).  For information on visits, e-mail or phone 0843 886 8668